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Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park is the 2nd designated National Park of Malaysia. And rightly so, as it contains the world's oldest rainforest and the volcanic rocks there date 240 million years! It's name is derived from the two rivers through the park; the Endau river in the south in the state of Johor and the Rompin river in the state of Pahang in the north. It also has some unique flora and fauna. It has some of Malaysia's best waterfalls namely Buaya Sangkut, Upeh Guling and Batu Hampar all within 2 hours trek of each other. Also you'll get a chance to meet the tribal people of Peninsular Malaysia, known as Orang Asli. The tribe that inhabits the park is known as Jakun.
A proper trip to see all the major highlights of Endau Rompin National Park should take 3 days. Of course it's not hard to spend a week what with the slow pace of life and very calm waters and forests. For the adventurous, you can go there by yourselves. Otherwise, it's best to stick to the packages offered - the Johor National Parks Corporation organizes the most reasonably priced ones.
There are 3 entrances to the Endau Rompin National Park. You can either enter through Johor or through Pahang. A different entrance would mean a different adventure as the Johor National Parks Corporation manages the Johor portion of the park while the area encompassed by Pahang comes under the Pahang National Parks Corporation.
The Johor Endau Rompin East approach is the more popular, time saving and easier approach. If you are driving, it's better to take a 4WD, as there are no tarred roads for the last 20km of the journey, only mud track. You need to inform the Johor National Parks Corporation at least a week prior to your departure.
The Johore Endau Rompin West entrance is near the town of Bekok near Segamat. Here, due to the condition of the track, one can only enter by using 4 wheel drive vehicles.

The weather is generally hot and humid all year round. Temperatures ranges from 25-33ºC. Rainy season is between mid December to mid January.
Most appropriate clothing for the jungle are loose fitting cotton long sleeved shirts and long pants to help keep insects at bay. Wear comfortable boots or sneakers.
Helpful to bring along a first aid kit, torchlight and an insect repellent. Visitors are requested to help the Department of Wild Life preserve nature' beauty by keeping litter and noise pollution to the minimum.
You can stay at the chalet (RM 80; max 2 persons) or at the dorm (RM 20 per person) at the Park HQ. Both the chalet and dorm are comfortable. Of course, the only complaint is the mosquitoes, so you'd better bring your insect repellent along. The Park also provides camping equipment (at RM 20 per pax) and your guide will help you set up camp.

Things to see

Endau Rompin East - Entry from Kahang (Johore)
The Park Headquarters:The office is housed in a large and beautiful wooden structure with 2 levels. It has an excellent library with a collection of books, pictures and samples of plants and animals. One can easily spend half a day there. It has a superb suspension bridge, which spans about 100m over a pond. It also houses a few chalets, a dormitory, a canteen and the staff's houses.
Flora and Fauna: The park has some wonderful plants and animals. Just 2 days before our visit, a herd of elephants paid a visit. Hence the elephant dung that we encountered earlier. Occasionally a tiger can be spotted from the Park HQ. And there are some monkeys at the park HQ that provide the morning wake-up call. While hiking, you will come across various plant lives, one of that is a giant fan palm tree, the Livistona Endaunesis which is found only here.
Boat Ride to Kuala Jasin: The first portion of your trip starts with 45-minute boat ride through very calm waters of Endau river to Kuala Jasin. You board the boat from the Orang Asli settlement of Kampung Peta. The Park HQ provides you with a guide who also doubles as your boatman. The water is clear and superb for drinking. Occasionally you'll see schools of fishes. For most, you'll see dense forests on both sides of the river.
Upeh Guling Waterfalls and the Volcanic Rocks: From Kuala Jasin, it's a 1-1/2 hour's trek to reach the first stop, which is at Kuala Marong. On the way, there are a couple of river crossings, one of which is truly exciting during high tide as you really have to hold on to the ropes lest you get carried away by the currents. At Kuala Marang, there is a campsite as well as a huge wooden shelter and toilets. From here, a short 15 minutes away is the Upeh Guling Waterfalls, with a series of whirlpools formed by ancient volcanic rocks - supposed to be the oldest existing landmarks in Malaysia at 240 million years old! The waterfall is rather wide and short but we saw at least 4 levels/cascades. Good place to get a free massage from the falling waters.
Tasik Air Biru (Blue-Water Lake): 15 minutes east of Upeh Guling is Tasik Air Biru, a freshwater lake that is very calm, too calm. The water looks blue due to reflection of sunlight on the white rounded rocks at the bed of the lake.
Buaya Sangkut Waterfall: The next journey is to Batu Hampar waterfall that can be reached 40 minutes of walking. A nice waterfall to cool down and take some well needed rest, as the ultimate physical test begins here. From here, you climb a steep Semanggong Hill, which is 2307 feet. Use the rattan rope to assist you in climbing the hill, as the gradient is around 45 degrees. After a backbreaking 3 hours, you will reach the awesome Buaya Sangkut waterfall. It's truly a sight to behold. This tall and scenic waterfall is your ultimate destination at the Endaqu-Rompin Park. Your guide will probably tell you the legend behind this waterfall.
The Orang Asli: They live at Kampung Peta, 15 minutes walk from the Park HQ. They lead a very simple life, selling handicrafts and pretty much self-sustained through farming and rearing of chickens. Don't miss the solar panels that dot their houses, which provide electricity. Also, the well-trained monkey that insists on showing its butt when a visitor approaches.
The drive up there: There's nothing like it in Malaysia. It's even better than Cameron Highlands. At several points, we were pretty sure that our car swerves into a ditch or gets stuck in the mud. Of course all this excitement was probably due to the fact that we were driving a 1.3 liter Proton Wira. In a jeep, I doubt you'll have as much fun. But we heard the park director mentioning that the route is popular with rally drivers and mountain bikers.

Endau Rompin West - Entry from Bekok (Johore)
The 4x4 Drive: This is a unique experience and the only means of reaching the chalet base camp at Lubok Tapah and the camping ground at Lubok Merekek. It is better to hire a local operator to bring you in as during the wet seasons the route is very challenging and treacherous.
Three Beautiful Waterfalls. A sight to behold. As the waterfalls are not within easy reach, they have remained pristine and almost untouched.
- Takah Pandan has more than 50m of straight fall and is a spectacular sight. It is also the site for the water abseiling activity.
- Takah Beringin is harder to reach due to the terrain and almost not passable during the wet seasons. The scenery surrounding the waterfalls is mystical and enchanting.
- Takah Tinggi is the largest of the three has easier access but a longer walk but easier walk. The base of the waterfalls has a large pool teaming with fishes. No fishing is allowes as the area is gazetted as a fish sanctuary.

Things to do

Endau Rompin East - Entry from Kahang (Johore)
• Water Rafting from Kuala Jasin
• Fishing at Kampong Peta
• Hill Climbing Janing Barat

Endau Rompin West - Entry from Bekok (Johore)
• Rubber tube rafting
• Night safari and Night Trekking
• 4x4 off road adventure
• Adventure Team Building
• Water Abseiling
• Jungle Survival Training
• Hill Climbing at Gunong Tiong

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