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Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park (Taman Negara Gunung Mulu) is in Sarawak on the island Borneo, at the border with Brunei. Named after the 2,377m Mount Mulu (Gunung Mulu), the park is famed for its limestone karst formations both above ground and underground. The massive cave systems, which contain the 12 million cubic meter Sarawak Chamber (the world's largest), is still in the process of being mapped.
Accommodation is available at the five star luxury resort Royal Mulu Resort, or there are cheaper lodgings across the river. The park HQ also has limited accommodation. Camping is permitted only at Park HQ, but is not really recommended due to the soggy rainforest conditions.
Mulu is a very inaccessible area; the only practical way of getting to and from it is by air, mainly from Miri airport. It is possible to travel to the area by riverboat, but it requires a chartered long boat for the last part - and the whole trip by river would take around 12 hours to complete from Miri, while the flight takes only 30 minutes.

Things to see & do

Most visitors come to Mulu for the caves, but there are also good jungle and mountain trekking options in the area. Guides are obligatory for all cave visits and most treks.
- Clearwater and Wind Caves
- Turtle Cave
- Deer and Langs Caves
- The Garden of Eden
- Bat Exodus
- Paku Waterfall
- The Pinnacles
- The Summit. A challenging 4-day, 3-night climb to the top of Mt. Mulu itself.

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