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Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu National Park or Taman Negara Kinabalu in Malay, established as one of the first national parks of Malaysia in 1964 is Malaysia's first World Heritage Site.
Located at west coast of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo; it covers an area of 754 square kilometers surrounding the majestic Mount Kinabalu which at 4,095 metres, is the highest mountain in south-east Asia.
The park HQ is 88 kilometers away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. Highways and sealed roads made the Park easily accessible.
It is situated on the southern boundary of Kinabalu Park, at an elevation of 1,563 metres or 5,000 feet.
Resorts, restaurants, exhibit centers, and park offices are within the headquarter vicinity. All climbers and overnight visitors must register at the HQ Park office.
Nine different types of accommodation are available, ranging from the relatively cheap Menggilan Hostel to the luxury, five-bed Rajah Lodge.

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This botanical site is blessed with astonishing variety of flora and fauna that ranges over 4 climate zones; from rich lowland dipterocarp forest through the montane oak, rhododendron, to the coniferous forests, to the alpine meadow plants, and to the stunted bushes of summit zone. The mountain is famous for its many carnivorous plant and orchid species, most notably Nepenthes rajah.
It is also home to a multitude of endemic animal species, including the Kinabalu Giant Red Leech and Kinabalu Giant Earthworm.

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