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Taman Negara National Park

This national park is one of the best known and the oldest national parks in Malaysia. It is famous for its rainforest and its easy way to get around. The park Haedquarter is just acros the river from the village Kuala Tahan. This is where most people enter the park, but there are also three other offical entrys. Admission is 1RM, a camera permit 5RM.
The river boat leaves from Kuala Tembling Jetty at 2:00pm for Kuala Tahan (Park Headquarters) and takes about 2-2 1/2 hours (25 RM). There is also a bus service but the boat ride is likely to be one of the prettiest parts of the trip. Some tour operators run round trip services from Kuala Lumpur to park accommodatio with return (Check Ping Anchorage and NKS). Several local busses leave Jerantut for Kuala Tahan (ca 1,5h, 6 RM) last one at 5:00pm

Things to see & do

It is easy to get around there the major advantage of this park is, that you do not need any guide. You can explore the magical forest on your own.
• Bird watching
• Slides and films on the Park's indigenous flora and fauna are shown at the Interpretive Room at 8.45 pm daily
• In and around the Park, various soft adventures are available
• Cave Exploration
• Fishing
• Jungle Trekking
• Kampung Experience
• Mountain Climbing
• Shooting The Rapids
• Swimming in Natural Pools and Cataracts
• Canopy Walk
• Hill Climbing Bukit Teresek
• Waterfalls cascades - Lata Berkoh
• Overnight Stay at Animals Salt Lick Hide

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