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Tenggol Island

Tenggol Island is in Terengganu state, Malaysia. It is simply the best diving in Peninsula Malaysia.
Scuba Explorers provides boat transfers for visitors that wanted to stays in the island resorts as well day trippers.

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Scuba Diving. Diving in Tenggol, in general prefer a diver to be advance certified. As most of the popular dive sits are deeper with current. Divers can enjoy clear warm water form the south, in between the month of March to October. By saying that, it does not mean, these dive sites is not drivable by open water certified divers. Other than the few, most dive sites do provides great shallow dive with beautiful coral and plenty of marine life. That is depth shallower than 60ft/18m. All divers need, is to dive with a qualified Dive Master or Instructor, that know the local condition well, for safe entry and exit.
There is NAUI Pro Scuba Center operating in the island, Scuba Explorers at Tenggol Island Beach Resort and Tenggol Resort.
Relax amidst the white sandy beach which is truly recommended for the fine sand. Beaches such as those of Tenggol Island are best when they are situated off the mainland.

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